Vicki & Andy's Wedding


Where is Norwich? Is this even a real place?

Norwich is an Anglo-Saxon city in Norfolk, UK, about 100 miles (161 km) North-East of London. Norwich is the only city in Norfolk, and so is the cultural, historical and administrative centre for the whole county. From the Middle Ages to the industrial revolution it was the second biggest city after London. Vicki and Andy grew up locally, and Vicki went to University here. Vicki moved away for work, and then moved back to live with Andy six years ago. We both love the city, and look forward to welcoming you for our celebration!

What can I do in Norwich?

Check out the twelve most awesome historic buildings in the city, including the two cathedrals, Guildhall, ultra modern Forum, and the Castle where we are getting married

Eat and drink! The city is well known for being full of great food and drink places, traditional pubs, hipster coffee houses and world foods. Here is a custom Google map of our wedding locations and all our favourite food and drinks places

Shop! We have two malls, and incredible independent boutique shops in the Norwich lanes area

This is a pdf map of all the sights which you can print

Take a guided tour by tour bus or by foot

The Visit Norwich website has a wealth of information on visiting Norwich

Play Ingress? If that is your thing, we have around 450 uniques in the city and a bunch of nice banners

You can use buses (pay with cash) or taxis to get around if needed. ABC is a good taxi firm, and they have an app. You can pay by credit card with the app. Google maps works great in the UK for finding bus stops and planning bus trips.